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The Gift That Every Woman Needs

There’s no better gift for your loved ones than the gift they need. And we believe, everybody needs a talented designer, a skillful tailor and a service that makes designing and stitching an outfit absolutely easy. The Cloud Tailor Gift Card is not just a regular gift. It’s a personalised service that ensures that every woman gets the outfit of her dreams. So, make a list of all the women you love and send them this Gift Card. We’ll take care of the rest.

Cloud Tailor offer

How to Get One

Ordering a Gift Card or an E-Gift Card is easy.

  • Select the card type. You can choose from Gift Card, E-Gift Card or Gift Voucher.
  • Enter the denomination and quantity you wish to purchase.
  • Click on the "Buy now" button and you will be directed to the Checkout page.
  • In the Checkout page you just need to enter the billing, shipping details and choose the suitable payment mode to complete your purchase. You can get more details here "Lead them to the Gift Card FAQs Page"