CloudTailor Banjara Hills - FAQs

CloudTailor 2022

No, the Cloudtailor app will never read your messages. It can only read the text messages with OTPs concerning the tailoring app.

No, it is not mandatory to provide your email ID for creating an account. However, we recommend linking your email to your account to receive email ID alerts about your purchases. It also subscribes you to the best dress design mailing list out there.

Try logging into your account after some time. If the issues continue, try logging into the account from a different location. Log into your best tailoring app with just an OTP.

Open any mail by Cloudtailor, your go-to app for custom dress design, and scroll to the bottom of the mail. Click the Unsubscribe button, and you shall stop receiving emails from us.

Link your email address to your Cloudtailor account to stay updated with everything about stitching trends and new dress designs. You are automatically subscribed to our mail when you link your email address to the account.

You can head over to the Account tab in your Cloudtailor app, the best tailoring app out there. Click the Address Book option. You can either add a new address or update your existing one by clicking the three dots on the right-hand side and selecting the Edit option.

In your Account tab, you can click on “Change Password”. You will be asked to put in your old password to make sure it’s you, and then you can proceed to change your password. Make sure you do not give your password to anyone else to keep your account secure.

You can click on your Account tab and fill in all the necessary details. Our system keeps all your information secure and only uses it to service your needs.