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No, there is no limit to the number of participants. Is there a limit to the contribution amount? Yes, the limit is Rs.500 per person. Is there a limit to the Group Gift amount? Yes, the limit is Rs.10000 per gift. Which gift card is sent out to the recipient? Recipients always receive a Cloudtailor Woohoo gift card or Cloudtailor Gyftr gift card. They can use this gift card to purchase on or the Cloudtailor App.

Group Gift allows you to invite your friends and family and ask them to pool in money for a gift. You can then use the pooled money and send out a Cloudtailor Woohoo gift card or Cloudtailor Gyftr gift card to the recipient. Recipients can use Woohoo Gift card or Gyftr GC on or the Cloudtailor App.

You, at all times, must keep the passwords created by you or your customers/beneficiaries on the Website, and the Gift Card Pin is strictly confidential and should not reveal the same to any person or entity. Group Gifting

In the event of loss or theft of the card or authentication data or any fraud/abuse detected, you can email us. Qwikcilver: Contact us at or call us at 080 6718 1401 during business hours (9 am - 11 pm) or send your complaints through the post to the address given below, which will then be taken up for resolution by customer support: Customer Service Team, Qwikcilver Solutions Private Limited No. 111, 1st Floor, “Brigade Manae Court”, Industrial Layout 5th Block, Koramangala, Bangalore – 560 095 Vouchagram ( GyFTR helpline +(91) 85 1000 4444 or e-mail: What is the difference between a Gift Card & a Gift Voucher Gift Card Gift Voucher 1. Its look & feel is similar to any ATM or a debit card. 2. Can be redeemed in multiple purchases. 3. Unused funds will remain intact in the card for further use. 4. Can be reused by reloading with funds from brand retail outlets. 1. It is a classic printed paper. 2. Need to be used for the full extent

The terms and conditions for each brand Gift Card or E-Gift Card can differ, so review the Terms & Conditions and overall details before choosing a Gift Card. It will give you a clear idea and help you with your decision.

You can order up to 10 units in one purchase. On the product details page, enter the required units in the quantity field. Corporate bulk orders for festive occasions are common. For corporate gift cards, you can also contact our sales team at or GyFTR helpline +(91) 85 1000 4444 or e-mail

Card balance can be updated in 3 simple steps. 1. Log in to woohoo or, check 'Your account' 2. Click on the respective gift card for which the balance needs to be updated. 3. Click on the refresh button available on the card. The balance will be updated.

Gift Cards or E-Gift Cards typically have a validity period of 3 to 12 months. However, the validity period might change according to our partner and customer requirement. Take a look at the Terms & Conditions provided on the product page before buying the item and proceeding to the payment portal.

The recharge of the Gift Card is dependent on the brand's terms and conditions. If allowed, recharge can be done through or You cannot recharge gift voucher issued by

Usage of a Gift Card or an E-Gift Card is dependent on the Cloudtailor's Terms and Conditions. Gift Cards are accepted on and Cloudtailor App only. Any limitations or special cases will be specified in the 'Terms & Conditions' tab on the Gift Card.

Ordering a Gift Card or an E-Gift Card is easy. Select the card type. You can choose from Gift Card, E-Gift Card, or Gift Voucher. Enter the denomination and quantity you wish to purchase. Click on the "Buy now" button, and you will be directed to the Checkout page. On the Checkout page, you just need to enter the billing and shipping details. Choose the suitable payment mode to complete your purchase.